Exploring the natural user interface(NUI) – a computer responding to a user's natural reactions or behaviors


Fall 2019, CMU (2 weeks)


Individual project


Physical computing, interaction design, prototyping


Arduino, laser-cutting

Have you ever wished your computer would just read your mind and do what you wanted to do? Well, now, using the MindCatcher, your wishes can come true! This system was created for you to experience more natural interactions by interpreting and responding to your habits. The MindCatcher reacts to four general habits; 

For instance, you might lean forward to get a better view of an image on the computer screen. Then, following this move, the MindCatcher zooms in on the image. Of course, when you lean backward, it zooms out. However, when you are watching a video, you might quickly lean forward when you see an interesting scene. The MindCatcher will respond by replaying the past 5 seconds. More commonly, when you are working with multiple windows open, leaning backward to think for a while will show you an overview of all of the windows so that you can organize your thoughts easily. Finally, if you start shaking your legs for a while because you are distracted, music that improves your concentration will start playing.

Copyright 2020 Jay (Jaeyeon) Huh. All rights reserved. 

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