Time Planner with Tangible User Interface(TUI)


Interaction Design Lab, Fall 2018, 4 weeks

HCI Korea Conference 2017

Individual Project


Physical Computing, Prototyping


Arduino, Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects


It is an alarm that can be used as a time planner. A user can input and stack multiple layers of time that they want. Instead of using buttons, I designed to use a cube (tangible user interface) when users input time.

Grabbing a cube which reminds of a dice or a toy block, and putting it on a deck could give a unique experience. When a user puts the cube on the deck, the deck can read a certain amount of time allocated in that surface. Users can make a simple time schedule tagging the block on the deck multiple times. When they are ready to start, they can touch a start button.

Please refer to my medium process documentation.

A new interactive tangible toy for children who are losing physical experience which is crutial for developing cognitive abilities and acquiring relevant knowledge, because of frequent exposure to digital games. PIRAMZE is equipped with both digital and analog toy features, in order to fulfill physical experience as well as keep attracting children's attention and curiosity.

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